Emergency Services


If an emergency strikes and you can’t reach your siblings or parents, it’s time to make a plan. Whether it’s a natural disaster like a flood or an enemy occupation having access to your home is the key to staying safe. In order to ensure that you and yours are protected, here’s how to unlock your home in an emergency.
If you are reading this, chances are that there is an emergency somewhere close by. Maybe it was a terrorist attack on the U.S.A., maybe it was a forest fire disrupting local travel, or perhaps there was some kind of extreme weather event such as a hurricane. Regardless of where and when the disaster strike, unlocking your home is essential if you want to stay safe and away from potential danger. Unlocked homes provide everyone with access and therefore make it easier for first responders to determine who needs help the most. If possible, make sure that everyone in your family has access so that everyone knows how to get into their house should an emergency arise